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Raptor Technology Group, Inc. is a technology supplier that provides eco-friendly and green solutions to global issues. The company is committed to developing reliable fuel and energy alternatives by making them both dependable and economically appealing to the manufacturer as well as the consumer. Additional Patent Pending technology has been developed to recover rare earth minerals from endless miles of mine tailings. This technology provides an eco-friendly means of recycling these mine tailings both economically and profitably.


Raptor Technology Group, Inc. began as a fabrication and equipment company. In an extremely short time, Raptor has become one of the leading manufacturers of modular, multi-feedstock biodiesel production facilities, specializing in modular system packages. The company will provide a scalable commercialization platform for advanced patents in the fields of biofuel and bio-energy production, as well as, highly efficient precious metal extraction from mined ores and mine tailings. It is Raptor's firm belief that in order to help our planet overcome environmental threats, such as global warming, we must develop reliable fuel and energy alternatives.



May 3, 2011
Raptor Technology Group
Provides Company Update

March 30, 2011
Raptor Takes Delivery of
30 Tons of Ore for Processing

March 11, 2011
Raptor Expresses Confidence
in the Projected Growth
of Its Business Model
as Gasoline Prices Rise
and Biofuel Demand
Continues to Grow

March 6, 2011
Raptor Fabrication and Equipment
Signs $1.6 Million Contract
to Manufacture 3.6 Million
Gallon/Year Biodiesel Plant for
Eco Ventures Group


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